Battle of Arrow


  • Q I haven't received what I've purchased.
    It may take a little longer than normal to be delivered in your Mailbox after you have made a purchase due to the unstable network connection.

    We'd recommend you to ree-connect to the game and check your Mailbox.

    If you still haven't received, please contact us through in-game customer support with specific details such as a purchased item, payment date, your Nickname and Order No. of your App Store.
  • Q It's unable to install or run the app.
    You may have a problem to install the app or connect to the game unless your device has enough system memory. 
    We recommend you to delete unnecessary applications on your device for a more memory space, and use a stable internet service provider or a solid 3G/LTE network.

    If you still have the same problem, try to remove the app and re-install it. 
    Please contact us through in-game Customer Support menu if you still suffer from the same problem.

    [ How to contact us ]
    ■ Go to the Settings on the right top corner -> Customer Support -> Customer Service
  • Q How can I configure a push notification?
    To configure turning on/off a push notification, please follow the instruction below:

    ■ Go to the Settings -> Game -> Push Notification / Night-time Notification -> Tab On / Off
  • Q How can I redeem a coupon?
    To redeem a coupon you have received from, check out the instruction below, but you must be aware that a coupon is only available on an Android device.

    ■ Go to the Settings on the left top corner -> Customer Support -> Tab the Enter Coupon on the bottom
  • Q How can I transfer my game data to another device?
    There are two methods to transfer your game data to another device. Check out those two instruction below and choose one you prefer.

    [Use Facebook]
    1. Go to the Settings -> Account -> Log-in on Facebook with your own account
    2. Install the app on your another device -> Settings -> Acount -> Log-in on Facebook with an account linked to your existing device.

    [ Use OTP Code ]
    1. Go to the Settings -> Account -> Link OTP Device -> Get OTP -> Get the OTP Code
    2. Install the app on your another device -> Settings -> Account -> Link OTP Device -> Enter OTP -> Enter the received OTP code.
  • Q Some Item has been disappeared in the Gift Box!
    Items you have received are only storable for 3 days, and they will be discarded afterward automatically.

    In regard of Costume items from the Season Ranking Reward, it is storable up to two weeks before starting a new season.
  • Q I'd like to recover the deleted account.
    You are able to cancel to deactivate your account within 7 days but It's not unrecoverable after 7 days since you deactivated it.
  • Q Some items were discarded by enhancing or ranking up. How can I recover them?
    Items that you have used for enhancing, ranking up or have sold are not recoverable.

    You can protect valuable items through the function to lock or unlock an item from those cases accidentally.  

    [ How to lock ]
    ■ Lock System: Go to Manage Hero -> Select an item -> Tab the lock icon on the left top corner of the item information.
  • Q How does enhancement/Rank up work?
    Enhancing and ranking up equipment are the best way to strength your character. You can enhance excluding of Costume items up to 30 Levels.

    You can only add the same type of equipment regardless of its grade on the enhancement slot up to 10.
    For example, Short-bows are used as a material for enhancing a short-bow weapon.

    There are 4 different grades such as Normal, Uncommon, Rare, Hero and Legendary. 

    To rank up your equipment, collect two types of Rank-up Materials and place the same grade of equipment on the enhancement slots.
    The number of materials for enhancing depends on the grade of equipment you enhance.

    Be note that a level of your enhancement will be maintained after ranking up your equipment.
  • Q How does Talent work?
    There are three type of Talent you can learn such as Marksman, Survival and Technique. 
    Each Talent has their own ability that can change the battle in your favor, so it is important for you to use its skill at the right timing.

    [ Magical Arrow Talent ]
    Fire Arrow / Poison Arrow / Ice Arrow / Lightning Arrow / Arrow Shower
    The Arrow Shower skill inflicts some damage with 100% chance on an area of enemies..

    [ Survival Talent ]
    Dumpling and Rice Ball recovers a certain amount of HP and Shield, each has a chained skill.

    [ Evasion Talent ]
    Spur is a skill that increases movement speed of your mount to interrupt your opponent to aim.
    Decoy is a skill that instantly creates a decoy to dodge an attack from your opponent.
  • Q How do I join the Raid Mode?
    Raid battle is a multi-play mode in which max 4 players group up to fight against a boss monster together.

    [ Entrance Requirement ]
    You must clear the campaign 1-4 to enter to the Raid Battle, and higher grades of Raid Monsters will be unlocked when your arena tier goes up.

    [ Open Schedule ]
    Raid Battle is available every hour for 15 minutes, and allow you to enter up to 10 times a day.
  • Q What's the Arena Supply Crate?
    The Arena Supply Crate can be opened once you earn 10 stars, and has 3 hours cool-down time to be re-opened.

    You can still acquire a star from winning battles even if you have a cool-down time to open its crate.
  • Q What's the Arena Crate about?
    There are 5 different type of Arena Crate which is acquirable when you win 3 times  in the Arena. Each Crate has different rewards and cool-down time to be re-opened

    Basically, A Crate required more cool-down time to be re-opened contains more valuable items.

    You will no longer collect an Arena Crate if there's not enough space in the Arena Crate Slots.
  • Q How does the Arena season work?
    The Arena season lasts for two weeks period from Monday midnight to Sunday 2-week-after.

    [ At the end of Arena Season ]
    Players receive rewards up to their ranking.
    The record of winning streaks resets.
    The record of total winning streaks resets.

    [ Pre-season ]
    Pre-season is operated for a certain period before starting a new season.
    During the period of the pre-season, Arena points will not be deducted and not affected on your ranking as well 
    but the same rewards will be given as normal.
  • Q How can I add some friends?
    You can add friends up to 100 players, and send some Gold as a gift. Using the recommend friend is the easiest way to find friends in the game.

    * Players will be added on your friend list if they accept your invitation.
  • Q How are players grouped up in the Rival Mode?
    The Rival Ranking Matching System randomly choose 20 players in your current ranking. 
    You will be matched depending on your Arena Points you have gained in the Arena.

    ( Some Arena Points which you have gained when you defeat will not be affected to your ranking.)
  • Q Where can I check the Arena season reward?
    Go to the Arena Reward menu to see more details such as Ranking, Winning Streak and total Wins rewards.
  • Q What is the Combat Log?
    Battle of Arrow has the Quest System named as Combat Log, you can see it by tabbing the slide bar on the left.

    Move to the Combat Log and read out the clear conditions then tab the start button.
  • Q What about Weakness System?
    [ Arena ]
    The Weakness turns visible as the red-colored circle when you get rid of opponent's Shield. 
    Attacking the weakness point is the best way to inflict huge damage on your opponent.

    The damage rate on the Head-shot and Weakness is based on the type of weapon. 
    Bows inflict great damage on the head and Crossbows inflict great damage on the weak

    [ Raid / Campaign Mode ]
    The Weakness Spot will be uncovered if one of monster's part is destroyed, 
    so keep in mind to focus on one part by using the Smart Ping function.
  • Q How does Smart Ping work?
    Use Smart Ping to communicate with your group members in the Raid Mode.
    To use Smart Ping, you just need to touch a spot of a body where you want to focus on to let your group members catch a target to attack.
  • Q How can I change control settings?
    You can change the way to control your aim and the shoot button to release the bowstring following the instruction below.

    [ Aim Control ]
    ■ Go to the Settings -> Control -> Flip Vertically/Horizontally

    [ Shoot button Location ]
    ■ Go to the Settings -> Control -> Trigger Side