Battle of Arrow
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The Arena season lasts for two weeks period from Monday midnight to Sunday 2-week-after.

[ At the end of Arena Season ]
Players receive rewards up to their ranking.
The record of winning streaks resets.
The record of total winning streaks resets.

[ Pre-season ]
Pre-season is operated for a certain period before starting a new season.
During the period of the pre-season, Arena points will not be deducted and not affected on your ranking as well 
but the same rewards will be given as normal.

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General FAQ

You can change the way to control your aim and the shoot button to release the bowstring following the instruction below.

[ Aim Control ]
■ Go to the Settings -> Control -> Flip Vertically/Horizontally

[ Shoot button Location ]
■ Go to the Settings -> Control -> Trigger Side

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Use Smart Ping to communicate with your group members in the Raid Mode.
To use Smart Ping, you just need to touch a spot of a body where you want to focus on to let your group members catch a target to attack.

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[ Arena ]
The Weakness turns visible as the red-colored circle when you get rid of opponent's Shield. 
Attacking the weakness point is the best way to inflict huge damage on your opponent.

The damage rate on the Head-shot and Weakness is based on the type of weapon. 
Bows inflict great damage on the head and Crossbows inflict great damage on the weak

[ Raid / Campaign Mode ]
The Weakness Spot will be uncovered if one of monster's part is destroyed, 
so keep in mind to focus on one part by using the Smart Ping function.

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Battle of Arrow has the Quest System named as Combat Log, you can see it by tabbing the slide bar on the left.

Move to the Combat Log and read out the clear conditions then tab the start button.

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Go to the Arena Reward menu to see more details such as Ranking, Winning Streak and total Wins rewards.

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