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Q: How can I become stronger?

A: You can increase the strength of your character by leveling up, equipping your character with strong Gear, or by adding Skill Points to your Skill Sets. Being active in the beginning stages of playing the game will help immensely in gaining experience to defeat your opponents. You can level up by competing in the League or progressing through Story Mode. Your character can become stronger when you equip them with Gear that you have won or purchased.
It is important to remember that as much as a character's strength is important, control and strategy are just as vital. Make sure to practice different combinations of punches and your defense. It is crucial to study and feel out your opponent's patterns while also divising a strategy to win during the fight.

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Q: An opponent I searched for seems too strong. What can I do?

A: If your matched opponent seems too strong, you can press the Search Foe button again to find another opponent. There is no limit to how many times you can search a Foe, but every time you search, you will be spending Coins.

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Q: What is a training session?

A: A Training Session is just like going to a fitness club and paying a personal training for set amount of personal trainer lessons. After each Training Session with BoxingStar's Trainer Khali, you must sign a new contract for new Training Sessions. Each contract is called a Training Session.

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Q: What is the relationship between the four Stance Skills?

A: There are 4 Stances that are effective and ineffective when matched against each other. Styles make fights, and although a fighter may be at a higher level and have better gear, the matchup can still be unfavorable depending on the fighter's Stance Skill. It is important to be aware of both your fighter's and the opponent's stances before a match. Further explanation of Stance Skills can be found in the Skill Set Help Popup.

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Q: Why can't I take out the Glove in the first slot?

A: The first slot is the Competition Gloves slot. The Competition Gloves slot determines which Gloves your fighter will be visably wearing in a match. After placing a pair of Gloves in the first slot, you will not be allowed to remove a pair of gloves from the first slot. In the case you need to Grade Up a pair of Gloves in the first slot or want to use a different type of Gloves, you must place another pair of gloves as a placeholder until you put the Gloves you want in the Competition Gloves slot. The first glove slot is the slot that determines the appearance of the gloves currently equipped by the charater. You can choose which gloves to wear. In the case of Omega Over-Fusion gloves, it will always be applied to the appearance and the character.

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General FAQ

Q: During the match, a yellow button suddenly appeared on the bottom right of the screen. What is this?

A: If you get hit with many punches in a short span of time, you will be in a stunned state where you cannot defend yourself. The yellow button appears to allow you to clinch your opponent. When you see this Clinch button when you are stunned, press it immediately. If you successfully clinch your opponent, you can give yourself time to recover and escape a dangerous situation.

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Q: After several punches to my character, he is dizzy and can't move. How can I move my character again? 

A: If you are hit with many punches in a short span of time, you will be in a stunned state. You cannot defend yourself when your figher is stunned. Press the left and right buttons on the screen as quickly as possible to get out of the stunned state. It is best to avoid becoming stunned by carefully interrupting and slowing down the tempo of your opponent's attacks.

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Q: I am caught in a clinch with my opponent. What do I get out of the clinch?

A: Just like weaving away from your opponent's punch, you can avoid your opponent's Clinch with your Weaving. You can avoid a Clinch by Weaving either direction but if you are caught in a clinch, there will be buttons that appear on the right and left. Press these buttons rapidly (same as with getting up from a knockdown) to break the clinch. A clinch is used to interrupt combinations, so to have an offensive approach against your opponent, it is best to avoid clinches or to break out of clinches as soon as possible.

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Q: How can I get back up after being knocked down?

A: Just like a real boxing match, after being knocked down, the referee will begin a 10 count for you to get back up. When you are knocked down, there will be buttons on your right and left. You must press these buttons as rapidly as you can to get your fighter off of the canvas. If you cannot beat the 10 count and get back up, you will lose the fight regardless of your remaining HP. While you are down, your HP will also fall. The more times you are knocked down, the harder it is for your fighter to get back up.

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Q: What is a counter attack/punch?

A: A counter attack/punch is a punch that immediately follows your opponent's punch. It exploits the opening of the opponent's punch and causes much greater damage than if the opponent were standing still. If you have plenty of stamina and if you blindly attack your opponent, your could provide your foe an opportunity to counter your punch. However, if your opponent punches with strong but slower punches, this gives you a chance to counter and cause significant damage.

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