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Q : I can't login with Facebook.

A : You can't log in with Facebook platform after 2023/08/25.
We offer a Temporary Facebook Transferring Service for those who were previously unable to access the game due to linking only to the Facebook platform.

[Click to check Temporary Facebook Transferring Service]

※ Required Information
① Character nickname connected with Facebook platform
② New created character nickname connected with OS platform (It should be lower than 30 lv and have no purchase history)

The transfer is only possible from the same device with the existing and new IDs matching. 
Please check the necessary requirements and provide accurate information in the Google Spread Sheet. 
We will assist you within one week after verifying the details.
If your new linked account is still not connected even after one week, please contact customer support for a 1:1 inquiry.

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Q . How can I link with Apple Game Center or Google?

A . You can select the login method after downloading the game, and Aos can link with Google Play / Apple and iOS can link with Apple / Gamecenter.
You can link in Menu > Setting tab later, even if you didn't link with the platform after you started playing.

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Q . Can I use character even if I change the Device from AOS to iOS or iOS to AOS?

A . You can play on both devices if you use 'Apple' platform.
You can link in Menu > Setting tab later even if you didn't link with the platform after you started playing.

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Q: How can I become stronger?

A: You can increase the strength of your character by leveling up, equipping your character with strong Gear, or by adding Skill Points to your Skill Sets. Being active in the beginning stages of playing the game will help immensely in gaining experience to defeat your opponents. You can level up by competing in the League or progressing through Story Mode. Your character can become stronger when you equip them with Gear that you have won or purchased.
It is important to remember that as much as a character's strength is important, control and strategy are just as vital. Make sure to practice different combinations of punches and your defense. It is crucial to study and feel out your opponent's patterns while also divising a strategy to win during the fight.

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Q: An opponent I searched for seems too strong. What can I do?

A: If your matched opponent seems too strong, you can press the Search Foe button again to find another opponent. There is no limit to how many times you can search a Foe, but every time you search, you will be spending Coins.

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General FAQ

Q: How can I get back up after being knocked down?

A: Just like a real boxing match, after being knocked down, the referee will begin a 10 count for you to get back up. When you are knocked down, there will be buttons on your right and left. You must press these buttons as rapidly as you can to get your fighter off of the canvas. If you cannot beat the 10 count and get back up, you will lose the fight regardless of your remaining HP. While you are down, your HP will also fall. The more times you are knocked down, the harder it is for your fighter to get back up.

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Q: What is a counter attack/punch?

A: A counter attack/punch is a punch that immediately follows your opponent's punch. It exploits the opening of the opponent's punch and causes much greater damage than if the opponent were standing still. If you have plenty of stamina and if you blindly attack your opponent, your could provide your foe an opportunity to counter your punch. However, if your opponent punches with strong but slower punches, this gives you a chance to counter and cause significant damage.

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Q: My opponent maxed his Hyper Gauge and used a special attack. What is this special attack?

A: This special attack is a Mega Punch. There are several gloves that gives you the ability to perform a Mega Punch that causes significant damage. In order to use a Mega Punch, you must equip your fighter with these special gloves and have a full Hyper gauge. After maxing out your Hyper Gauge, the Mega Punch button will appear on the left side of the screen. Press it to activate the Mega Punch. The Mega Punch can only be avoided by weaving but a guard cannot block this attack. If your opponent uses a Mega Punch, do your best to focus on which way to weave as quickly as possible.

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Q: I was fooled by a feint as I was trying to defend. How can I perform a feint?

A: Both Weaving and Punching can be cancelled mid-execution. To do this, while you are weaving, press the Punch button to cancel your Weave. To feint a Punch, while you are punching, press the Weave button or if you are executing an Uppercut, press the Weave button and you will stop punching and go straight into a Weave.

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Q: My opponent's guard is constantly up. How can I break through their guard?

A: Guarding is a way to block punches your arms to minimize the damage. If you have low HP, it can be extremely difficult to punch through your opponent's guard. In situations like this, you can use your Uppercut. There is a chance that you could perform a Guard Breaker with your Uppercut. A Guard Breaker breaks through your opponent's guard and creates an opening to attack. There are certain Skill Sets that increases the probability of performing a Guard Breaker with your uppercut.

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