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There's an EXP Limit every week. You can see this in Mission -> Weekly EXP.

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League Points are earned for every win that you make in Battle. The points you gain changes when you win against an opponent with a higher points than yours. However, if you lose to an opponent that has lower points than you, you will also lose more points than usual.

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New skins or avatars are acquired randomly by opening chests. However, we do offer basic skins that depend on the rank that the player is in. Skins are also available for purchase in the in-game Shop.

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Chests are randomly received when you win a Battle. Please note that once your Chest invetory is full you will not be able to receive more Chests. Always make sure to allot a space before going into Battle.

Here are other options on where you can get your Chests.

Free Chest
A free chest is available every 4 hours and it can be opened without having a free inventory slot or not.
Victory Chest
Victory chests are available on a day-by-day basis. This Chest can be opened after 5 victories in Battle mode.
Trophy Chest
Trophy Chests can be opened by accumulating Merits. 1 Merit is gained whenever a clan member wins in a PvP Mode.
Players also have the option to buy Chests in the shop.

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General FAQ

There's a Unit called the "Air Force Commander" that has the skill to call Bombers by whenever the said unit is attacking.

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There are 20 Ranks in Battle Boom. These are:
- Bronze 3 (0), Bronze 2 (500+), Bronze 1 (1000+)
- Silver 4 (1500+), Silver 3 (1900+), Silver 2 (2300+), Silver 1 (2700+)
- Gold 4 (3000+), Gold 3 (3500+), Gold 2 (4000+), Gold 1 (4500+)
- Platinum 4 (5000+), Platinum 3 (5400+), Platinum 2 (5800+), Platinum 1 (6200+)
- Diamond 4 (6600+), Diamond 3 (7000+), Diamond 2 (7400+), Diamond 1 (7800+)
- Marshal (8200+)

You can also check the check Medal Icon on the Main screen to view the information about the Rank.

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Winning in Battle will get you League Points which is also used to increase your Rank in Battle Boom

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There are certain Units that can only be used or you can get by increasing your Rank. For more information about which unit will unlock on each Rank, please refer to the Medal Icon on the Main Screen

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You can change the language to your preferred choice by tapping the button at the left of your Region's Flag

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