Blast Knights
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​​​​Blast Knights is a mixture of Puzzle and Roguelite RPG. You’ll match the blocks to charge the skill and power of your selected hero to fight with monsters!

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There are four main types of gimmicks.
First are the tiles! Sometimes you’ll have to destroy the tiles to reveal something underneath to clear a round. Sometimes they will cause damage to the heroes if they run into them. Some can be destroyed and some cannot.
Second are the blocks. There are blocks such as Rainbow blocks that can be matched with any blocks but there are also blocks such as Stone Blocks that cannot be matched.
Third are panels. They work similar to the tiles. There are wood boards that can be destroyed if it’s in the path of the hero but there are iron traps that will cause damage to the heroes but can’t be destroyed!
​​​​​​​Last but not least are the obstacles. The obstacles take part on the grid. Some of the obstacles will bounce off the hero if they run into them on their path. Some obstacles can even minimize the attack posed to the monster from the hero.
​​​​​​​To see details of the gimmicks explained above, check out the magnifying button in-game.


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​​​​Eli was the first to be chosen as a knight to protect the Happy Tree by the angels. He’s a well-balanced hero with a skill that can turn numerous blocks into yellow, making it easier to fight and fend off the monsters.

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​​​Sally is one fierce knight. She has masterful skills when it comes to shooting attacks. Her skill allows you to make an additional move.

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​​​You can beat the monsters by destroying blocks. The amount of blocks you destroy correlates with the amount of damage you cause to the monsters. Each monster has their own traits so some may be trickier than others!
Check out monster details in-game by pressing the magnifying button!

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General FAQ

The heroes are knights because the demon king with dark forces are trying to take over the Tree of Ability! So far Eli, Sally, Randall, and Victoria have been chosen to be the knights to protect the Happy Tree. Who will be the next one chosen? Keep playing to find out!

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​​You can earn items through five different ways! First is to login to the game and receiving your login bonus. Second and third is to complete the quests whether they are daily or a general quest. Fourth way is by playing the game to earn gear and scrolls. Last but not least is to visit the store to purchase a KNIGHTS Chest, refill gold, and gems!

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​​​​Mastery is unlocked when you visit the Mastery tab and unlock new skills. The skills are upgraded correlating to your level.

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​​Blast Knights mechanism is, when you match blocks of the same color, the points you earn transfer to the amount of damage you apply to the monsters. There will be missions on every round and your goal is to complete them.

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* Chapter
- One chapter is made up of many rounds and once you clear all the rounds in one trial, you can move on to the next chapter. 

* Round
- Once you've cleared the goal set out for each round, you can move onto the next round.

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