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levelling up and ascending are basic ways to grow your heroes.

Heroes formed in your team will be gained some EXP to level up when you win a battle in adventure or challenge stages. Also, a hero can gain some EXP from EXP potion items. Select a hero you want to level up and go to the Level Up menu, and then level it up with EXP Potion items.

If you need more EXP Potions, you can buy it at Amil Shop or Carriage Settlement Office in the Carriage.

To ascend your hero to the next star level, go to Ascend menu and then touch the Ascend button if you have enough hero shard items.

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Equipment can be enhanced by levelling up and ascending.

To level up equipment, you need to fill the required EXP by using an enhancement stone or useless items as a material.

One of the main options will be enhanced randomly when levelling up.

To ascend equipment, you need a material that is identical to the item you want to ascend.

If the primary item and material item are the same star level, then it will be ascended with a 100% chance. So make sure you first ascend a material to the same star level of the item you want to ascend before ascending.

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Select the Hero you wish to build up friendship with and go to Profile > Gift. You can give a gift to such hero if you have available materials such as Sandwich and Sweet Macaroon. Once a Heart icon is fully filled, its Friendship level will be increased.

Currently, you can only raise Airi's affinity. Go to the Arkham Lounge, then meet Airi, then touch the Heart emoji on her. Make sure you can give her a gift once a day.

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- All team members share the MP gauge.
- Using a basic skill will increase 1 MP, and it will be used when using two active skills. (Some active skills may fill some MP.)
- All active skills have their own cooldown, and you can cast them without MP cost once its cooldown is reduced to 0, however, MP will be used if you want to cast an active skill under cooldown.

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Gold and Pellets can be gained from adventure plays, clearing regions in Guild Quest, Trophies achievement and other content.

Also, you can get some Gold by using Pellets at the shop and selling items you don't need.

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